STREAM: Jessie Frye ft. Timecop 1983 - "Faded Memory"

Describing love like a faded photograph, Jessie Frye released a new single last Friday featuring Timecop1983 called “Faded Memory.” The song takes listeners back to her pop roots and the sounds that make her special. This piece works as a quest for love through wants, desires, and pursuits which she fought for, and then all these elements fade away into memories.

The themes (fighting for love and after its gone it being a faded memory) are great, music is glorious in its pop sounds and the topic of love is very relatable. It's a very catchy tune and the upbeat pop sounds are a very easy listen. 

Jessie Frye has continually pushed her career forward going from songs with more of a hard rock sound such as “Big Bad Wolf” to more infectious pop songs like “Honey.” Her new track is a great addition to her work.

"Faded Memory" is available on Spotify and iTunes. Check out the music video on YouTube below.

Header image courtesy of Jessie Frye
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