Song Premiere: "Morning Sun" by Bird Meets Winter

It’s been almost eight months to the day since Bird Meets Winter released their sophomore album Departures, which showcased the group’s talent for folksy rock and roll. Joel Larner, Adrien Wallace, Jordan Batson, James Canavan, Jon Harper, and Gerald Holt created an album that ran the gamut from standard rock tunes to piano ballads.

The band’s new single, “Morning Sun,” is—pardon the pun—a pretty significant departure from the songs on that record. Sung largely by Wallace, the track is a slow burner that clocks in at around seven and a half minutes. “Morning Sun” moves placidly toward a serene climax with tons of cymbal swell, piano crescendo, and quiet vocal harmony to complement Wallace’s strong soprano. It’s a slightly different sound from what Bird Meets Winter did on their most recent record, but it’s working.

But the song’s lyrical content, which was written by Larner, is clearly the focus. Larner tells us that “Go With God” was the track’s original title, and it’s a phrase that repeats throughout (as is “morning sun,” for that matter.) The song wrestles with religion and the idea of goodness, but largely seems concerned with life, death, and the temporary nature of it all—“what is left of us / knowing dust to dust / never lifts the heaviness?” Wallace asks in one verse. Sometimes the morning sun sounds like the proverbial light towards which the dying go. At other times it sounds hopeful, like a new beginning or a chance to right some wrong, especially when Wallace sings, “I’ll be an outstretched hand.” In that moment, the urge to “go with God” feels less like a sorrowful goodbye and more like a good-luck charm.

You can stream Bird Meets Winter’s new song below, and you can purchase it on their Bandcamp page as well. Keep tuned to their Facebook page for news and upcoming shows.


Header image design by Brittany Keeton