Quantum Brings Monthly Electronic Dance Party to Denton

It’s been a minute since the Denton Dance Collective had everyone grooving to electronic music on a weekly basis. Andrew Gleboff recently decided to bring dance music back to town with Quantum, a monthly dance night that features guest DJs from all over DFW. “Since there is [currently] only one other recurring event that focuses on electronic music…I figured there was a hole in the market that needed to be filled,” he says.

Quantum is headed solely by Gleboff, but the monthly features a revolving cadre of DJs and artists from around the Metroplex. Every third Friday of the month he brings someone new to the table—last month’s featured DJs were Pass The 40 and Justin Vaughan. Since the event is hosted at Hangout Bar & Dine, attendees can enjoy Indian food and a full bar in between sets.

Gleboff has been in the dance music scene for about eight years, four of which he’s spent producing music. One of his overarching goals for Quantum is to engender a sense of community for DJs in the area. Since 2012 there’s been a bit of a dance music vaccum in Denton. “I like to consider myself outside of the ‘EDM’ scene, as what Quantum is really about is the underground dance music scene,” he says. The monthly’s focus leans more towards techno and house music rather than the ever-popular trance and dubstep. “The more European techno sound has been catching on across this part of the country and I want to share it with Denton,” Gleboff explains.

Ultimately, Quantum aims to do what events like Broketopia and Band Together Denton are attempting—to give Denton music fans what they want despite the shrinking number of live music venues. “Denton has a huge and very diverse community of young people. I know that a very large number of Dentonites love electronic music, but have nowhere to go enjoy it live, with a proper sound system,” Gleboff says. “I wanted to not only fill the void that was left with the advent of the Denton Dance Collective, but also provide an event for people of all walks of life to be able to come let loose and express themselves.”

You can catch the next installment of Quantum on October 21st at Hangout Bar & Dine. This month’s featured DJs are Tyler Brown and I Am Prometheus. “The main goal is just to provide a recurring event for people to come dance to some of the best DJs in DFW and forget their worries for the night,” Gleboff says. Sounds like a deal to us.

Header image design by Jason Lee