Power Trip Show at Andy's to Benefit Planned Parenthood

Dallas’ own hometown heroes of hardcore Power Trip are taking the stage at Andy’s tomorrow night to record a live video shoot promoting their new song “Executioner’s Tax,” while simultaneously raising money for Planned Parenthood through donations at the door. Not only do you get a chance to witness an explosive set from Dallas’ finest, but the money you contribute will be funneled into protecting the future of women’s health in light of the newest changing of the guard and the detrimental policies that threaten to impede the grossly important services that PP provides.

Power Trip is a crossover thrash band from Dallas, TX that has created quite a splash in the hardcore and metal community since their inception in the late 2000’s. Having toured with notable acts including Exodus, Bane, and Lamb of God, as well as hitting stages in Europe, these guys have built a reputation for their abrasive, thunderous blend of ‘80s thrash metal and hardcore punk. Through the years, Power Trip has garnered a raucous following of hardcore and metal fans alike that make their live shows a prodigious spectacle to behold, chock full of passion, aggression, and a palpable sense of personal empowerment. Now you have the chance to empower others through this Planned Parenthood benefit show, which ensures that all proceeds taken at the door will go towards directly supporting PP in the face of daunting adversity here in Texas.

The show begins at 6:30 p.m., features a full set from the band, and gives you the opportunity to land yourself in a music video while saving lives and protecting public health. There’s no excuse for you not to be there and lose your damn mind. Get your asses out there!

 Photo by Rod Maurice