STREAM: Troy Garrick - "PassionGalore"

Denton’s Troy Garrick has taken the intensely contagious song and created a mash-up with SZA’s "Love Galore ft. Travis Scott." The end result is a seamless blend of two hits  a combination that brings two accounts of fiery yet difficult love together harmoniously through Garrick’s voice.

The entirety of “Passionfruit” is included, Garrick’s repeated “I can’t blame you, no, no”’s transitioning well into a different scenario in the beginning of “Love Galore.” Garrick sings, “Acting like we wasn't more than a summer fling / I said farewell, you took it well / Promise I won't cry over spilled milk / Gimme a paper towel, gimme another Valium / Gimme another hour or two, hour with you,” ending on an impasse between two people wanting to continue something exciting and unexpected. Perhaps not the typical subject matter for a summer fling, but its infectiousness will have you dancing and singing along the entire time.

Garrick’s vocals are alluring and smooth, adding to the soul of each track and blending the subject matter perfectly. I’m always anxious to see what Garrick has in store for audiences, either as a solo performer or with OG Garden. For what it’s worth, I now think my summer anthem pick would have to be “PassionGalore.”

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