Parker's Plantation Opens New Outdoor Venue

Just a short drive from the Square is a 15-acre plot of land where Denton’s largest outdoor venue is poised to open. For the past 7 years, the Parker House has haunted thousands on its expanse – but landowner Marc East always envisioned more.

“Ever since we bought the property, we’ve known that the haunted house was just the start. We knew we needed to do more in the long term, so we began looking at the off-season,” East explained, noting that the 6-week period during which the haunted house runs didn’t feel like enough. So with a mind for year-round entertainment, a love for live music, and a property large enough to contain 5,000 patrons, Parker’s Plantation event center was born.


The Plantation premieres this weekend with the Inaugural Chill’n-N-Denton Music Festival, an all-day, all-ages event that features all-Denton talent, such as Anchored -- who has produced tracks with rapper Snoop Dogg (Snoop will even be making a special video appearance.) Other acts include Puddin Taine and Love Sick Mary. East says the Chill’n-N-Denton event will be held yearly, but the Plantation itself hopes to host around three to four events per year, featuring Denton music, food, and vendors. The Parker’s Plantation aims to expand the event into a 3-day affair in order to house even more bands in their lineup.

Being secluded from the city, the Parker’s Plantation has no noise restraints placed on the property; and for good measure, with a impressive 38-cabinet 100,000 watt RCF system surrounding the massive stage setup. The stage (shown in the adjacent photo, still under construction) is owned by the Plantation, but easily modifiable for different set needs. Featuring two 16’ x 9’ video screens on either side of the stage, 50 moving lights, 40 can lights, and “an array of special effects” – including CO2 cannons, strobe lighting and fire machines, each night show is sure to be rampant with dazzling light effects. The stage is surrounded by the façade of an old hotel – an aged building from the outside, and an interior wall that serves as a background for the performing bands.

The Parker’s Plantation advertises an experience for the whole family, but knows that some future shows may cater to other age groups. This weekend’s Chill’n-N-Denton Festival is BYOB and will largely take place during the day. Tickets are available for pre-sale online, and include different levels of access: General Admission, VIP (includes a tent where patrons can meet band members) and All-Access (VIP + access to backstage tents.) Those who purchase an All-Access ticket will also gain entry to an after party that will extend long into the night – ending around 2am somewhere else on the haunted grounds.

The venue's size is unlike anything Denton currently has and could be a new source for hosting a variety of entertainment experiences. The space is also open to rent for parties as small as 25 or as large as 2,500. Bands who are interested in playing the venue, or organizers looking to rent the space out for a festival or show are asked to contact the venue owners and use the applications through their website, which can be found here.

Images courtesy of Marc East and Mallory Frenza
Header design courtesy of Christopher Rodgers