35 Denton Taking Another Year Off

3:09 pm, Monday, February 6.

Denton's fest that could, simply could not this year. Pete Kamp, the liaison for the board of investors and board of directors for 35 Denton, says that the group decided together that they would take the year off.

The festival that was founded in 2005 by Baptist General's frontman, Chris Flemmons, will take 2017 off, similar to the 2014 break. Why? lack of funds, lack of people volunteering, and so on. Festivals are hard, y'all. As someone who has previously volunteered with 35 Denton, I can attest to the amount of work (read: volunteer work) that goes into these things. 

"I can't say definitely, but I certainly would like to see the festival come back in 2018," Kamp said. 

Several members of the festival's board of director's declined to comment on the matter. "I don't really have much to say about it," Andy Odom, the festivals former Marketing Director, said.

Sad news for Denton festival fans. We'll pour out half of a warm Miller Lite for y'all. 

Update: 3:23 pm. 35 Denton updated their Facbeook page with this post.


Header image courtesy of 35 Denton's Facebook page