Music We Love: Jared and The Jewelers' "Weather Me"

Jared Caraway, the creative force behind Jared & the Jewelers, is releasing his first EP entitled Weather Me.

Caraway fuels the EP with self-referential lyrics that span the previous decade. Caraway, who turns 30 later this month, draws heavily from 90’s alternative rock music–-evident in the crunchy guitar and moody lyrics on “Out the Door,” and on the lucid flange-powered “Unlabeled.” Caraway attributes his penchant for melodies to years of listening to 90’s rock, citing Green Day as a big influence on the music he makes today.

A paralegal by day, Caraway has been playing guitar for 15 years. He still plays the guitar that belongs to his father, saying that “it is on permanent loan.” Mostly he has been a solo artist, with several stints in bands. Weather Me is a collection of solo songs that were created over the past several years.

“I love being able to express myself in a healthy way, and not be self-destructive,” Caraway says.

The EP might be rooted in 90’s melodies, but remains diverse. On the title track “Weather Me,” Caraway effortlessly picks an acoustic guitar while he sings in sweet melody. The track was recorded in one take.

The name Jared & the Jewelers is a play on the name of the popular jewelry chain store. Caraway and his bandmates Arik Harris and Frank Gonzalez previously performed under Caraway’s name. During band practice, someone began humming the famous commercial jingle, and Jared & the Jewelers were born.

Caraway, an introvert by nature, feels comfortable sharing vulnerable lyrics on stage. “It is almost an interpersonal connection I feel with people,” Caraway says. “Over the past year playing shows, I have been able to meet amazing new people. It has been really great.”

Caraway manages not to sound contrite or inauthentic when referencing age-old musical themes such as love and loss; he believes his honest self-expression sets his music apart.

Jared & the Jewelers end the EP with the banger “My Calypso.” Heavily distorted guitar is accompanied by a powerful drumbeat. The song drives forward with deep energy as Caraway subtly sings along with the band.

Jared & the Jewelers will be performing their brand of pop-rock on Saturday, October 29th at the Foundry in Dallas. The EP Weather Me is available today. For more information you can check out the band’s website.

Header image design by Jason Lee