Music Video Premiere: "Fast Foodie" by Fishboy

The Fowlks twins as Art Guards
Painted by Eric Michener

Fishboy's founder, Eric Michener, says he would have loved it if a band he adored asked him to make a video for them when he was a teenager. Michener saw a YouTube channel from twins Merrick and Morrison Fowlks after they bought several of his records. The kids were then offered the opportunity to make a music video for a track coming off his upcoming Art Guards album.

It's the first music video to be released for any track off Fishboy's new concept album. Art Guards will be available to the public on Friday, May 19th, with an album release show at Dan's Silverleaf on May 27th. The album is nine songs from the perspectives of nine different but inter-connected characters, each with varying degrees of success as they pursue their endeavors.

The Dentonite proudly presents what is both an amusing visual and song from Fishboy. This particular song features a starving artist who finds success reviewing the food that he eats. Still the character laments, "I live well, bills paid/ with what I make/ what I make is not great/ and it takes all day."

Art Guards can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. A deluxe package includes a hand-painted CD jacket, a comic book, and a mini-painting of one the 200+ art guards painted by Michener.

Image Courtesy of Fishboy
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