Mood for Monday: A Night In Background Tunes

This week was a busy one for Denton, but let’s be real: is there ever a dull moment in our little city? Happenings this past week ranged from a mayoral proclamation honoring the trans community to the midterm election to UNT Fibers program exhibition…all while attempting to dress for the weather that our apps still can’t seem to predict. With all the event-hopping potential that the last seven days has garnered, I think you may be due for a night in. You seem to think so too–or at least that’s what this week’s Facebook poll told me. Let me give you some local tunes for your background music pleasure to complement your next relaxing night in.

Holy Pinto - “Wisconsin”

Troy Garrick - “Dust”

Denton Thrift - “Sight”

Nakamara - “Overrated”

Trái Bơ - “Long Hair Lady”

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