Monday Mixtape - March 5, 2018

"Honey Truck"; DERP - Fun Button

Fresh off the cutting room floor, DERP is Fun Button's third release on bandcamp. The EP is four songs strong, but the first track "Honey Truck" is a high-energy journey through different moods, all bound by killer solos, a persistent bass groove, and the splashiest of cymbals. Allow "Honey Truck" to sweeten up the start of your week.

"Between Poverty And the Sun"; Liminality - Oak Trio

For fans of jazz, Oak Trio's latest release Liminality is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and for purchase on the group's bandcamp. Their music sits in the uncanny valley between coffeehouse jazz and the dynamism of a big band; with only three members, their music and arrangements pack a punch. It's music that's too inventive to be ignored. 

"Last Year" - Elijah Heaps ft. Spaceman Zack

We love a good glow-up; this is an anthem for all go-getters who found them bogged down by their peers, romance, or even themselves. Even if your last year wasn't the best (what's up, 2017), it's not too late to let 2018 be much better - starting with this week. Elijah Heaps also released an accompanying music video, filmed in part outside of Dix Coney Island, featuring plenty of cake and a verse by Watauga, TX rapper Spaceman Zack. For a soft ballad you can bop to on your way to work, look no further than "Last Year."

"15 Seconds of Fame"; Deadlights - Springtime & the Changes

Springtime and the Changes is back with another release of raw emotion. They possess a distinct sound that defies comparison, and the ability to make every recording sound tangible, as though the band is in the room with you; the fifth track on the album, "15 Seconds of Fame" is upbeat, chaotic, and worth a listen. Deadlights, in its entirety, spans nearly every mood and tempo, and definitely has a song for anything you're feeling this week.


For those who like meeting their Mondays with a little more aggression, this release from early February might do the trick. Nikolai Rya's newest release City Roots II is a powerful display of Rya's prowess as a rapper. At 9 tracks long, the album has banger after banger, all mixed with impeccable production; Rya also released two visuals that can be found on Youtube.

 Header image design courtesy of Mateo Granados