Mixtape Monday - August 8, 2016

This weeks mixtape features 8 songs that are mostly new and Denton-influenced. Rei Clone and NikkoNostalgia released new albums last week; you can read more about that below. Bonus tracks from Meditation Mafia.

Are you a Denton musician? Want to be featured on our weekly mixtape? Email Sara links to your new music: sara@thedentonite.com!

Rei Clone - Saria/Michael Briggs Loves Whataburger
Can confirm Briggs does not love Whataburger (although I oddly had Whataburger for dinner last night). Rei Clone's new album Wet came out last week and was recorded at Civil Recordings in Denton by none other than Michael Briggs. The album pulls in sounds inspired from what seems like many genres especially that of the shoegazing territory. The entire album is pretty fantastic and I recommend you go and listen to it (and buy it) now. 

Shallow Minds - Alec Roberson
Alec Roberson is a junior at UNT and is studying business, but likes to dabble in music. Last week he submitted an original song, and I kind of love it. This song reels in the goth-poppy vibes I need to survive through Monday's. I added his Lana Del Rey cover of "Freak" onto the big playlist for good measure.

NikkoNostalgia w Nikolai Rya - M240
Essentially anything Nikolai Rya or his brother Elijah Heaps touch right now is on fire. "M240" released this weekend on NikkoNostalgia's long awaited album Remember Me When I Forget You. Go listen to the entire album now! 

Elijah Heaps w Nikolai Rya, Dash ThatHippe, & Chromat!k  - Old Friends
I'm a big Elijah Heaps fan - like I mentioned above, anything he or his brother touch is on fire. "Old Friends" is a dark and wordy five and a half minute long song that encourages people to keep it genuine. We can't complain, we like genuine people too.