Monday Mixtape 8.6.18

"Long Nose" - Spring Breeding

As two halves of a joint release, Las Vegas natives Spring Breeding and Denton band Nobody Nose have certainly brought...the noise. The seven track EP Shut Up and Take My Money is a feverish maelstrom of screeches, dirty guitar loops and various percussion. The entire release makes use of feedback and various means of distortion to explore an impressive range of unsettling sounds.

Meditation - Madison Russell & Joel White

If you've been to the Denton Community Market on a fall or spring Saturday, you've surely noticed the omnipresence of musicians in the gazebo. Duo Madison Russell and Joel White recently played at one of the final markets of the season, releasing a recording of their performance on Soundcloud. "Meditation," a tune by Antonio Carlos Jobim, is given new life through usage of a small xylophone and both musician's delicate improvisations. Of playing at the Community Market, Russell said the environment was "warm and inviting–partially because of the heat and partially because of the people." 

"Charisse part 3 (and in an epic twist Chelsea Peretti decides to marry me)" - Mommy's Little Boy

Do you ever wish that any of your favorite love songs were just a little bit more specific in their subject? Like, say, that they were about your best friend's mom? The jazzy dream pop dumpster of Trash (In the Trash) is at your aid. Lead singer Jacob Derting also functions as the trombonist and guitarist of the group–and each trombone solo is smoother than the last. Throughout MLB's discography, Derting has chronicled the "situation" between him and a mystery woman Charisse. The songs are endearing, bordering on a sarcastic self-awareness. The edges and production of the songs are ragged and authentic, brilliantly mixed to bring life to most banal of material–the first track features a repetition of "the lick," colored by Derting's shouting and detuned guitar. Give this album a listen.

"aba" - Kalpa4.32

The brainchild of musician Zachary Hopgood and visual artist Quentin Smith, Kalpa4.32 is a beautiful ambient project that was borne in the early months of 2018. Their first album, one, is only two tracks strong, yet both tracks combined clock in at a hefty 31 minutes and 22 seconds. The tracks are peaceful but hardly forgettable; the orchestration and progression of the tracks over a 15-minute span leaves you in a completely new headspace from where you first began. A highly recommended local release for meditation, or for those who enjoy interesting and beautiful music.

"Annabelle" - Cochlear Cornucopia

An interesting find on the tag/denton page of Bandcamp. Its all I could salvage is a collection of tape recordings. The songs are simple but incredibly charming for all the idiosyncrasies that the analog tape gives them. The title of the album refers to the fact that the artist's tape recorder broke during the process of recording–around 10 minutes of content was lost, and what remains are 12 mysterious and loosely related songs and recordings, through the fuzzy sheen of the long-forgotten medium of the cassette. The album ends with an equally adorable and terrifying chuckle from the mastermind who put together this gem.

Header image courtesy of Cochlear Cornucopia