Monday Mixtape 6-4-18

Well, as evidenced by the humid 80+ degree nights, summer is upon us in Denton. Fear not, because even though the town is a little bit of a ghost town on most weekdays, musicians in Denton are still producing hits that you can bump in your car as you wait for the A/C to make the air tolerable. Enjoy.

"Being Me" - Pudge | Two Of Those Nights

Pudge's latest release "Two of Those Nights" is composed of twenty bite-sized pieces, featuring jazzy samples and beats, all matched with Pudge's amazing flow. The first track, "Being Me," features a slowed-down Lunceford bounce jazz tune, over an infectious bass line and a lilting flow–it's impossible not to tap your toe to. We'll have a full review of this release forthcoming.

"no smoke in miami" - Look of the Year

"Just in time for summer" is how LofTY described the release of his newest single, "no smoke in miami"–and it's true. The lo-fi trap track is a perfect addition to any chill summer playlist. The delicate synth feels nostalgic, but the iconic trap hi-hats keep the beat fresh and up-to-date. 

"The Fantasy of You and Me" - Spacechild

This is a track full of depth and summer magic–something in the far-off production makes the vocals, drums, and guitars seem scintillating. The melody is dreamy, and the song's progressions are just interesting enough to not write this track off as a lovechild of Coldplay and The Smiths. Kudos to band Spacechild for their EP "Dada," which is an indie record worthy of attention.

"Rescue Me" - Katrina Cain

Denton get ready to let out a collective 'awww,' because last week TOMKAT band members Katrina Cain and Andrew McMillan got married and co-wrote this song. The infectiously sweet song is an ode to the ultimate happiness of finding a life partner. It's released with picturesque video from road trips the pair has made through Texas and New Mexico. The song will be available soon on Spotify and iTunes.

- Mateo Granados

Header image courtesy of Jacob Repko via Unsplash
Header image design by Mallory Frenza