Monday Mixtape 5.7.18

"Runaway" - OG Garden

Calling it now - this track is Denton's 2018 summer jam. From the running bassline, 80's synth and Troy Garrick's beautiful vocals, every element makes up an infectiously catchy blend.  The hook is simple but oh-so memorable, and the bridge breaks it down into a tender ballad, backed by a chorus of Garrick's own voice and verb-y guitar. From the expert production to the lead vocalist's soulful performance and control, every part of this song begs to be listened to three times in a row. Honestly, just make it four. Add it to your summer playlists now.

"All That Wanting" - Claire Morales

Denton's psych rock queen is back, this time draped in gold and crooning about desire. So, the ideal state of being. Morales' voice is like molasses rolling over rocks - sweet, gravelly, and endlessly enticing. Perhaps the best part of this song is Morales' melodic interpretation, and her flawless execution of vibrato and falsetto jumps; somehow the melody itself conveys the lyrics. This track, and the album of the same title, is inspired by every's human's innate need for desire, as explicated by Claire in a separate Dentonite article back in 2016. The album art is very art nouveau, an interesting pairing with her psych rock sound. Denton awaits the full release of her album All That Wanting on June 29th, 2018. 

"Numb Hand" - Sad Cops

You know that feeling when you're trying to get a summer body but also can't stop thinking about your ex? We think that's the motive behind this lyric video. All jokes aside, this song is a tribute to all the relationships that fall apart seemingly overnight. The song is a bit mellower than Sad Cops' past releases, though just as impactful and high energy. Catch the release party of their newest upcoming album transition songs on June 8th at Andy's Bar.

"Caught in the Double Bind" - For Now

"Caught in the Double Bind" is the tale of someone who feels tension within his/her relationship, detailing the oxymoronic arguments and issues that the relationship faces. "It's a problem that I'm strong/When I'm right there's something wrong," vocalist Isabel Crespo sings, outlining the "double bind" from the title; a situation in which there is no way to confront the problem, and additionally, no way to opt out. For this track, Crespo is backed at the song's maxim by several vocalists, creating a tidal wave of sheer energy and energizing harmony.