Monday Mixtape 4.9.18

"Neon City" - Brian Anthone

Over the past month, Brian Anthone has been steadily releasing track after track - "the phoenix from ash." Anthone's hypnotic and smooth flow isn't easily missed - in the words of the genius insomniac himself, turn this shit loud.



"Green" - Ela ft. P.O.E.T.

For a little Dallas flavor and talent, Ela Rhymezz released this track last Friday - if the album art doesn't explain it, not sure what will. The mixing and sampling (produced by Yondo) is intoxicating, and Ela's vocals are just a smooth; P.O.E.T.'s verse is just as chill and buttery. The song is an early ode to Mary J in celebration of 4/20, as explicated on Ela Rhymezz's SoundCloud.



"Chicken Tinder" - Southway

Though it was released two months ago, Southway's track "Chicken Tinder" is giving much-needed summery, lo-fi vibes. Lead singer Carson Lanelle's voice compliments the grungy instrumentals so well, but the song shines most when the band harmonizes. "Chicken Tinder" is the pop-punk band's third release, but it's an excellent display of instrumentation and bandmate chemistry.


"The Other Side" - The Hope Trust

Songs with themes of perseverance and hope are always welcome additions to spring playlists - just think of summer. Listen to this track "The Other Side," from their forthcoming release Passengers, performed inside Fan Fair's mobile "Boom Box" studio. The intimate setting of a literal boxcar makes the song that much more tender. 

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