Monday Mixtape - 4.30.18

"Nomads" - Prefontaine 

A catchy guitar riff soon morphs into something more in "Nomads," the titular track off of Prefontaine's new album. The band labels themselves as experimental, or rather, "whatever you want us to be," and that label is incredibly apt. The entirety of Nomads defies normal genre description–it simply doesn't fit a label. "Nomads" (the song) is a fever dream of changing sounds all centered around a singular motif and makes for a perfect sendoff for the album.

"Noxious" - Diva Cop

"Just smile." It's one of the most annoying phrases to hear, even if Louis Armstrong is crooning it. But in Diva Cop's song "Noxious," we're reminded to "Keep your head cool/Empty out the garbage"–which is actual advice. There's no way to turn around and make yourself happy, but it's always possible to take a deep breath. It's simple advice that is often forgotten, delivered in a beautifully crafted experimental song. Diva Cop is a good friend who's just reminding you to just take a chill pill–in a funky, punky, "wet dream team" way.   

"I O U" - Troy Garrick

Some of the smoothest vocals in Denton are back with a new single entitled "I O U," released late last week on Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes. Troy Garrick delivers simplistic but heart-wrenching lyrics over a hypnotic neo-soul backdrop; Garrick has managed to make the most out of very little– no huge impact needed to make this song impactful. The song is addictive, truly, and demonstrates a musical balance of the highest form. 




Header image design by Mallory Frenza
Header image courtesy of Troy Garrick and Mateo Granados