Monday Mixtape: April 11, 2016

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Listen to our track selects one-by-one further down, or enjoy an enhanced 8-track playlist here:

Although this song has been out for a little over a month now, it is likely still new to most. Mind Spiders is comprised of two members of famous post-punk Denton band The Marked Men, Mark Ryan and Mike Throneberry, alongside Daniel Friend and Peter Salisbury. Their latest release, Prosthesis features a predominantly electronic vibe, with heavy synth and drum machines. You can stream the entire album via this rad article on NPR.

King Pablo is a producer and rapper from Denton, and he just released his latest album, Memories of Our Past: A Collection of Stories. A collection of fourteen songs, King Pablo’s latest project oddly enough includes fourteen years worth of work from the New Orleans born, Denton raised musician. His song “Entertainment” has a catchy beat that will get your head bouncing right away. This song is actually kind of perfect for Monday morning’s. King Pablo will be taking part in the Rap Battle at Rockin' Rodeo this Wednesday before Cam'Ron plays.

Lil Durt aka Durty Chin was born in Long Island, New York, but has been in Texas for the last five years. Currently residing in Denton, he is also preparing for the beat battle at the Cam’Ron show this week. Lil Durt’s newest project, Thanks Ben is streaming on Soundcloud now, and we are featuring his song “Birthday” because who doesn’t like a song about birthdays? And, if it's your birthday, Happy Damn Birthday, You!

MU$$, short for MU$$OLEANI, is a new and upcoming rapper from Denton, and is part of the Meditation Mafia. The Meditation Mafia is about keeping the peace, but the “realistic” peace. “We acknowledge that bad exists and are prepared for it,” MU$$ says.