Mixtape Monday: September 18, 2016

Freaking Monday's, amiright? Don't sweat it - this week is Oaktopia, man! You can breeze through the work week without your coworkers knowing you're really watching all of our Meet The Band videos instead of pulling reports or whatever your day job is.  This week's mixtape caters to four different moods: sad, sensual, turnt, and weird. What the fuck else could you want?

One White Wing - Ryan Thomas Becker with -cereboso
Becker's newest release was recorded in 2008. The song is more deconstructed than your average RTB track (possibly due to being incomplete) and features -cereboso, the musical moniker Civil Recording's Michael Briggs performs under. Whether it was recorded in 2008 or 2016, we think it's pretty great. 

Candy - Hextape
This sultry yet refreshingly ambient track is Denton-based Hextape's newest release. We hope that Hextape breaks this single off in an EP or possibly a full length. A girl can dream. It's not every day you find a local female musician (who you've never met in real life) that you relate with way too much.

Global - Renzo, Whoa, Gashouse Smitty, Bukbaby
"Global" is my Fall anthem. Last week, Cash & Respect released this banger that features 4 local hip hop artists including Renzo, Whoa, Gashouse Smitty, and Bukbaby. "Three words, I Won't Lose," Renzo says in the single. That is the winning mindset!

Chops - Ten Hands
After listening to this song, I wish I had some chops, too. Ten Hands is comprised of many musicians, including the multi-skilled Mr. J Paul Slavens. You can catch Slavens & Friends (for free) tonight (and most every Monday) at Dan's Silverleaf - again, for free. Zero dollars. And you can catch Ten hands at the Kessler on September 22. 

Header image design by Jason Lee