Mixtape Monday: November 28, 2016

Welcome back to another Mixtape Monday. Hopefully you spent the weekend overeating, sleeping off the after-effects of overeating, and enjoying yourself! Now it's back to the grind (for those of us who were lucky enough to get time off-grind in the first place) and we have a playlist to help you re-acclimate. This week's playlist is a healthy mix of hip hop, drum and bass, jazz, ambient rock, and more.

“U Guessed It” – Qwee & Fabio the Great
“U Guessed It” is dirty, snarky, and hella catchy. This track isn’t safe for work, but it’s perfect for blasting out your car windows: the heavy bassline begs to be heard. “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” Qwee and Fabio tell us. We agree.

“Displaced” – Dagars
We’re admittedly a little late to Dagars’ recent EP release, Projection Mirror, but “Displaced” is so good we had to put it on this week’s playlist anyhow. The song’s mournful guitar line is perfect for a cloudy morning. “Displaced” reminds us a little bit of Blonde Redhead—if they’re your jam, give this (and the rest of Projection Mirror) a shot.

“Grind ft. Johnny Drama” – J-MartThaRula
J-Mart has money on his mind and wants to put it on yours, too. The artist would “rather write solo / cuz I trust no soul / and I’m doing this shit on my own.” We’re glad J-Mart was willing to trust Johnny Drama as a collaborator and ItzSpaceman as a producer, though, because this is a clean, deep-sounding anthem of a track.

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