Mixtape Monday: February 13, 2017

We’re still reeling from the bright lights, glitz, and glam of the DAM Awards. Congratulations to all the nominees, winners, and everyone who enriches this arts and music community. Seriously, nothing we do here would come to fruition without all of you and all that you do for this city. The production of all our talented citizenry is what carries us through as a budding haven of the arts and music. Back from a month-long hiatus, here’s our mixtape for the week.


Acid Carousel - Higher than the Beatles

The title track of the EP, “Higher than the Beatles” transports the listener to the realm of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with its psych rock vibes and minimal lyrics. Ariel Hartley of Pearl Earl lends her voice to the tune, bringing the vocals to a well-rounded and carefree place that remains grounded and ethereal.


Addison Boozer - Here Right Now

Boozer’s vulnerable voice is powerful, but feels like it hits you like the thoughtful whisper of a friend. A novel idea is behind the song: “How ‘bout instead of waiting for better days, I create them?” It's a lovely reminder to choose love and truly experiencing life over apathy. We’re here right now for this song, always. 


Wren - Infernum

Wren’s new album brings accessible, heavy alternative rock to audiences from Flower Mound. Eight months ago, the four-piece band had just released their self-produced debut album, “Looming,” and this album showcases their growth. The technical mastery on bass, guitar, and drums is juxtaposed with yet complemented by Emma Dunkelberger’s surreal voice. 


Kind Beats - Thanks Dilla

Kind Beats’ homage to J Dilla, one-third of Slum Village and a catalyst of ‘90s underground hip-hop in Detroit, starts with a classic jazz riff and brings just over two minutes of funky hip-hop beats to the listener. The beats are mastered to bring an upbeat, jazz-infused glimpse to Kind Beats’ influential repertoire that only he can create.