Mixtape Monday: December 5, 2016

Can you believe it's already December? We're feeling a little stunned over here. There are only a few weeks left until finals are over and the holidays are upon us! The holiday season is always a little stressful, and we hope this week's playlist will help.

All My Dreams - Somogyi (Cancer Mouth Remix)
Cancer Mouth takes Dallas artist Somogyi's song—originally a quiet, simple, contemplative track just under two minutes long—and stretches it to almost five minutes of dreamy, finger-tapping grooviness. The remix manages to retain the melodic strength of the original while completely pitch-shifting Somogyi's vocals. This is some otherworldly, beautiful stuff.

Head Chef - MU$$ (feat. Trill Mamba & Motorola Mike)
When he isn't rapping, MU$$ is actually a real-life chef—so there are some awesome double entendres in these lyrics. This track is all hella-clever puns and solid production work. "Head Chef" is one of five songs on MU$$'s brand new EP, Poseidon. Visit the Meditation Mafia Bandcamp page to check out the entire project.

All The Things You Are - Isabel Crespo
We could listen to Isabel Crespo sing for hours, so we were happy to see that she posted a new track this week. "All The Things You Are" was originally written by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II, but Crespo's impeccable, jazzy vocal style makes this track all hers. The bright, soft guitar and oaky-sounding upright bass certainly don't hurt either.

Revelations (prod. by DVN) - NikkoNostalgia feat. Nina
"Revelations" is a brooding, dark track with lots of punch: "Watch your damn step / Walk a fine line between life and death," Nikko instructs in the first line. This lyrical darkness is complemented by dark strings, a somber piano, and the faint scratch of a needle on wax. Nina's soft-yet-savage verses close the song out on a strong note.