Mixtape Monday: December 26, 2016

Happy Holidays, Dentonites. The weather may be strangely warm but it still feels like winter in Little D. Between the lighter traffic and the temporary lull in local events, everything seems a little sleepier right now. We’re digging it. This week’s playlist, as usual, has a little of everything: jazz, hip hop, and even a little post-Christmas comedy.

SubGenii Live at Gatsby’s – Sleep Supervisor
If you’re looking to space out and get a little weird, this live set’s for you. Sleep Supervisor layers fuzzy sound bytes of Church of the SubGenius propaganda over antique-sounding, super chill beats. This is so bizarre and we love it. (Praise “Bob!”)

Sides – OgX (feat. MU$$)
About a month ago we featured a couple of fresh pun-heavy tracks from MU$$. As it turns out, the chefs of Meditation Mafia are keeping busy in the kitchen—“Sides” is another clever exercise in plays-on-words. OgX’s NSFW rhymes are delicious, and this is an excellent beat.

Santa Claus Is Coming – Tiger Darrow and Paul Slavens
Christmas is over. You’re probably sick of Christmas songs by now, yeah? Don’t worry—Darrow and Slavens’ Christmas parody bears almost no resemblance to the original. This fresh take on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” is silly, a little ominous, and chock full of deft piano and vocal arrangements. (Could Darrow's voice be any more beautiful?)

Header image design by Jonathon Pino