Mixtape Monday - August 22, 2016

There is something for everyone in this playlist- hip hop, electronic, blues, funny-country-stuff, and so on, just proving that Denton keeps producing fantastically diverse music all the time. I hope to see all of these artists and all of you at tonight's Denton Music Town Hall meeting!

Are you a Denton musician with new music? Let us know! 

Welch & Ferraro - Yellow Legged Woman
The latest from Denton rocker Tony Ferraro is a collaboration with his friend and local musician Chris Welch. Released this past Saturday, this blues rock song features violinist Holly Manning and slide-playin' from Kirk Newkirk. Ferraro has been on fire with releasing new music this year - it seems that he's been releasing a new song (at least) every month since the beginning of the year. Keep 'em coming, Ferraro! 

Trey Detroit - Down Low
Trey Detroit might not be from Denton, but he is certainly one of Denton's best kept secrets at this point. If you haven't checked out the Unexpected EP, I highly suggest adding this to your Monday Music playlist.

Earl Hartley - Bought My Third Pack of Cigarettes
Earl Hartley, aka Ariel Harley, aka one of the badass babes from Pearl Earl, released her first (??) country song not too long ago. "Bought My Third Pack of Cigarettes" is fun, quirky, and makes me want to cough thinking about smoking three packs of cigarettes. We are pretty sure that Hartley can do no wrong when it comes to picking up a guitar and singing. 

Sleep Supervisor - Program 2
Need some bassy synth jams to get your morning grinding? Sleep Survivor is serving that up with "Program 2." If this wasn't enough for your electro-loving self, be sure to check out their SoundCloud, as there are 5 new songs available as of last week.