Sound Off with Megan Storie

Megan Storie has been creating music in this town for many years. From her band Exit Glaciers to a solo endeavor, Megan is creating her own way in Denton’s music scene.  Born and mostly raised in Indiana, she grew up with a musical father, and surroundings that many would say have lacked excitement. “There’s not much to do in Indiana… just a lot of corn,” says Storie.  She used music as a way to express and entertain herself. “My dad has been writing songs since I could remember and I started, I guess, around fourteen,” says Storie. 

Her family later moved to Midland, Texas, and she eventually made her way to Denton to attend The University of North Texas. Around this time, Storie seriously began her music career. “I started to really write songs that were worth presenting around seventeen and eighteen years old,” she explains. Her first band was comprised of her, another guy, and two acoustic guitars. Later in their college careers, Storie and her bandmate would move away from each other to attend different schools. They would continue to send each other music and lyrics, thus living up to their band’s name, The Post Cards. 

Storie’s current band, Exit Glaciers, has a full indie rock feel. The band is comprised of Megan Storie, Alexander Hughes, Tony Whitlock, and Blake Vickrey. Storie sings and lends a female perspective to the sound. With influences like Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling, and Big Thief, she creates a folksy but powerful sound in all of her songs. When asked about her writing process, Storie says that she begins writing songs with just a melody in mind. “I find a melody I like… I start with choruses, mostly,” she explains. Her process can take anywhere from just ten minutes to weeks, depending on the music and how it fuels the lyrics. “I like to write with a scene or atmosphere in mind,” says Storie.

 As a female singer and songwriter, Storie is looking forward to concentrating on a solo career this year and, of course, all the parts that go along with it. She has plans to collaborate again and for the first time with some of Denton’s finest. With Exit Glaciers, she has had the pleasure to work with Scott Danbom, who has worked with the likes of Sarah Jaffe and Brent Best, and would love to work with him again.  “I want to possibly work with Michael Slack from Dome Dwellers; we have talked about possibly doing a concept album together. I would also love to work with Daniel Markham —  he is very talented,” she says. According to Storie, the only downside to going solo is the business side of it. “I really hate the business side of things, but I’m going to try to be more proactive about it.” She explains that no musician likes to try to sell their brand to bookers, but it’s just part of the process. Storie likes to look at this part as a challenge she is ready to face. 

When we asked her what she thinks it’s like for a female singer/songwriter in Denton, Storie had more than just a few kind words on the subject. “It’s awesome to see female artists in Denton… I think we have an advantage here because it’s more rare,” she says.  When talking to Storie, it becomes clear that female voices have become more dominant in the past few years in the music industry, but there is so much more room to expand. This year has brought on a lot of heartache for the female population, but with that heartache comes fantastic art and music that is fueled by a desire to change perceptions. Megan Storie plans to give us new music we can all love and use as a platform to be heard. 

Photo by Mateo Aaron Granados
Header image design by Brittany Keeton

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