Music Video Premiere: "Little Cindy" by The Heavy Hands

The Heavy Hands could be described as The Black Keys-meets-electricity. Their music runs through body, toe, and fingertip, leaving the listener charged. Their new music video for “Little Cindy” turns the voltage past eleven. The first shot is a close-up on the band performing live at The Jagoe House. Elements of animation flash on the band and the crowd, allowing each a visual link to one another.

Director César Velasco created the “Little Cindy” music video. He filmed shots of the band and crowd in an up-close-and-personal way to stay true to the live show atmosphere. The video’s animated elements provide the raw rock sensibility viewers crave from live music videos. Lead singer John Tipton says, “Working with César is a dream. He has such a great vision and he really understands the whole picture and vibe of the music.”

The video is heavy on the energy typical of house shows, and John says this was really the only vision they had for the video. “We also did the music video as a semi-response to the issues plaguing the Denton music community as of late.  We wanted to highlight how much fun people have going to see live music, and how there will always be a scene because of those who support it, and because of those who organize it, albeit in sometimes unconventional ways,” says Tipton. The video was shot at The Jagoe House with both interior and exterior shots to mimic the perspective of a crowd member making their way through a house party. Faces flash in front of the camera, prompting the viewer to feel that they are part of this scene. “It is encouraging to see that many people come out and support music and community,” John explains.

The Heavy Hands’ true objective for this video is a very “Denton” one. “We just wanted to film everyone having a good time. That’s kind of the premise for the band, is just having a rowdy rock-and-roll time,” says Tipton.  With the help of The Jagoe House, this band created a fun-loving music video that acts as a hymn to live music venues. “The Jagoe House is always extremely accommodating and wonderful to work with as well,” Tipton adds. To see the action at this venue, be sure to attend Jagoe Fest, which runs October 21st through October 23rd.

Check out the music video for “Little Cindy” and be sure to vote for The Heavy Hands for Best New Act, Best Live Act, and Best Rock Act in The Dallas Observer’s DOMA Awards

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