KUZU Finally Has a Launch Date

Denton's long-awaited LPFM radio station, KUZU, will begin broadcasting this Saturday, July 22 at 12:00 p.m. You can tune into 92.9 FM if you're in listening radius or you can always stream live on their website.

A little over a year ago, KUZU announced their future presence as a local radio station in Denton with hopes of being on the air last summer. The project was delayed for various reasons, similar to many new operations and organizations that choose to do business in Denton. 

"This has been many years in the making," Peter Salisbury, KUZU station director, said. "It will be a big sigh of relief for us all to hear it going over the airwaves."

Photo by Andi Harman.

Photo by Andi Harman.

In January, the radio station signed a lease and the dream inched closer to realness. On June 29, KUZU's antennas went up on a radio tower on Elm St. Tomorrow, Saturday, July 22, Denton's newest radio station will host a launch party at Harvest House at 7:00 p.m., following the 12:00 p.m. on-air launch. 

KUZU was originated in 2013 by Salisbury, Erin Findley, and Sashenka Lopez. The trio worked together on Real Waves 1670 AM, a nonprofit radio station that broadcasts out of Denton. 

"When the tower install happened, something magical happened with all of us," Lopez said. "It became real." 

KUZU will not be the only radio station in Denton. The University of North Texas' KNTU has been on the air since 1969 but serves a different, possibly smaller audience. Focusing more on jazz on campus, KNTU does not necessarily represent the larger cultural presence in Denton. That is where KUZU will step in.

Team KUZU. Photo by Sara Button.

Team KUZU. Photo by Sara Button.

With more than 40 shows already on the books, KUZU will offer a large variety of diverse music selection. The first 24 hours the station is on air will be dedicated to local (dDFW) music, Salisbury said. You can learn more about the different shows on their website

"This is the opportunity for the town to give what they really want to give," Findley said. 

Appropriately, the first song that was tested over KUZU's airwaves earlier this week was "Stage 4" by Nevada Hill

The KUZU team has worked tirelessly to get this nonprofit LPFM radio station on air, and it will finally be available for the world (yes, even those outside of Denton) to hear tomorrow. 

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