Jessie Frye Celebrates Release of New Single

Pop rock music maven Jessie Frye will be back in town Friday, February 23 to share her new single “Why So Serious? (It’s Just Love)” with Denton at a stripped-down single release party. Frye, who writes tracks with her producer Matt Aslanian wanted to take the snare from Michael Jackson’s Dangerous record and “work a vibe around that,” with other artists inspiring the track progression as well.

“A lot of Michael Jackson songs on that record have this one to two minute breakdown at the end where the beat is looped and he just vocally riffs,” Frye says. “I wanted ‘Why So Serious’ to feel like the ending of a Michael Jackson song. Some of the weird synth sounds are inspiration from Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals era—we drew on that to capture doll-like sterility in the song.”

Frye is fresh off the release of her single “Honey,” a song liberal with synth and Frye’s sultry pop voice, which combines in the video to bring you something visually captivating, saccharine, and provocative. Frye just filmed an acoustic version of the track as well, adding a desperation to the lyrics that makes it a totally different listening experience. “Why So Serious?” is its hard-hitting follow-up, a comedown from the climax of feelings in a new love.

“‘Honey’ was the seduction and celebration—and ‘Why So Serious’ is kind of like coming out of the spell,” Frye says. “I wrote ‘Why So Serious’ at a very dark time in my life. The song is supposed to be this satirical commentary that love is a literal drug and we are slaves to nature. That concept made me feel really hollow and powerless. I am making fun of myself in the lyrics, really."

Intimate single release parties are a new show format for Frye. She has found that it’s easier to connect with fans, especially since a meet and greet punctuates the performance.

“These intimate release parties are so fun!” Frye says. “Typically a Jessie Frye show is loud, sweaty and super energetic. With these parties we do it acoustic and turn it into kind of a storyteller vibe. It’s only about 85 capacity. It gives me a chance to talk about the songs, connect and share a side that people don’t always see.”

Frye has a few new tracks and tours in store for fans, including a remix EP for “Honey." More music, music videos, and a tour are upcoming in the summer. Keep up with Frye on Facebook and at her website, and see event details for the single release party here.

Linda Smith