Until We Meet Again: Horace Bray is NY-Bound

Horace Bray has made his mark on the Denton music scene for six-and-a-half years, and soon, he will be venturing off to New York. Born in Los Angeles and raised in St. Louis, Bray moved to Denton in 2010 to study music at UNT, where he played with the UNT Jazz Singers, the Four O’Clock Lab Band, the Two O’Clock Lab Band, and the One O’clock Lab Band. When he joined the One O’Clock Lab Band, he became the first undergraduate in 15 years to hold the guitar chair in that prestigious group. 

After college, Bray continued to perform around town with other UNT music graduates, including the two other members of the Horace Bray Trio: Mike Luzecky on bass and Matt Young on drums. He recently released his own EP, Dreamstate, with contributions from Luzecky, Young, keyboardist Colin Campbell, and drummer Connor Kent. Its soothing, technical, elegant, and fun qualities make it a must-listen.

Speaking on his time in Denton, Horace says Denton's beer specials and affordable rent are comfortable things he'll miss. But, more importantly, "The general vibe of Denton is notable,” says Bray. "There really aren't many places like it."     

Bray says Denton was a big influence on his musical career. Bray’s time in Denton contributed to his professional and artistic success and development. 

"It's really given me the chance to develop great musical relationships with people because we got to just hang out and play music with each other a few times each week." Music, for Bray, is something “that constantly pushes me to grow in ways I don't expect. It kind of serves as a mirror to learn about parts of myself I wouldn't have seen otherwise.”

Bray describes recording and producing his first album and booking shows as a key growing experience. It influenced him in narrowing the focus on what he wanted to say as an artist.

Bray also says playing every Sunday at Harvest House during the summer of 2016 was a professional and personal highlight. 

"It was a lot of fun to be able to work on the same music every week with the same people,” Bray says. “I remember growing a lot during that time.” 

Upon his arrival to New York, Horace says he already has a few shows lined up as well as piqued interest in people requesting lessons. His main goal for now is to tour Europe with a band that plays his original music.  Additionally, he plans to continue working on online and Skype instruction and “to play with as many people as [he] can.” He also is planning on working on an album in the near future. 

“Take advantage of your time in Denton while you have it,” Bray says. “Play as much as you can with as many people. Don't sit around and wait to get called for gigs. Make the gigs happen and be the person calling people."