Friends with Benefits Offers Scholarships for Local Musicians

Over the past three years, Denton nonprofit Friends with Benefits has fundraised and collected donations to provide scholarships for local musicians. Through events coordinated with music festivals 35 Denton and Oaktopia, including past games of kickball and flag football, Friends with Benefits is able to provide four distinct awards to local students and bands in need of a little change. The applications for the 2018 North Texas Music Scholarships and the 2018 Band Dolla$ scholarships are now open and accepting applicants until May 14th.

When asked about the goal of the scholarships, Mindy Arendt, president and cofounder of FWB said that the organization's main purpose in giving is "to give back and support our community." Arendt cites the music scene as one of the biggest parts of Denton, and that naturally FWB would want to find a way to support local musicians. 

The 2018 North Texas Music Scholarship is open to any current high school and college students who are planning to graduate with a major or minor in music. The Band Dolla$ Scholarship is for musicians or bands, for use towards nearly any expense: artwork, recording costs, tour money, etc. The applications themselves are fairly straightforward - they consist only of a few questions, a transcript request, a submitted video, and a few questions regarding the applicants undying devotion to playing Fleetwood Mac covers at parties (or whatever musicians do these days). With four cash prize scholarships available and such an easy application, it seems silly for any local musician not the apply.

Apply for 2018 North Texas Music Scholarship or the 2018 Band Dolla$ scholarship here.
Big thanks to Friends with Benefits for supporting the arts and keeping it local.

Header courtesy of Friends with Benefits
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