EXCLUSIVE: Frankie Maxx's Debut Single "Lead Me Away"

New music is something that Denton has the opportunity of hearing quite frequently, and today we've got an extra special new music debut for your ears. Not only is this is a new song, but Frankie Maxx is a new project as well. 

Local musicians Micah Frank and Amanda Dawn Servis teamed up in life and in music (they were married just a few weeks ago) to create Frankie Maxx. With the help of a couple of close friends, the duo created their first song, "Lead Me Away." The song had been written for some time, but Frank noted that finding the right time to release it was important.

"He had something deeper in him than what was going on," Servis says. She helped Frank create the Frankie Maxx moniker and appears on the debut single track, as well. 

The video they've created notes a chilling statistic about domestic abuse. "I want to tie this to a bigger importance. We want to make a difference," Frank says. Both artists are survivors of domestic abuse and find this platform especially meaningful to stand up for. 

Their all-star lineup for their debut single includes the following folks. Look out for a full EP in Spring of 2017.

Micah Frank
Amanda Dawn Servis
Glenn Wallace
Androo O'Hearn
Hale Baskin
Colin Campbell
Katie Frank

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