Flintlock Gypsy To Release New Album

As the band's first official project, Flintlock Gypsy's self-titled album is just as exploratory as the wanderers of its namesake. 

Though the members of Flintlock Gypsy aren’t new to the Denton music scene, the group as we know it is. The band began in 2015 as Broken Spokes, a group that, while full of potential, “had the stability of an earthquake during a different earthquake.” The group quickly dissolved, voicing no intention to ever re-form.

However, fate had other plans for Flintlock Gypsy. During fellow member Jason Champion’s 2016 June Bash, the ex-bandmates found themselves playing at the same venue, though each for a different band. Inspired by the coincidence, the group hurriedly decided to play an impromptu Broken Spokes reunion set. It was during this last-minute performance that the project was reborn. The group would soon change their name to Flintlock Gypsy, an apt reflection of the serendipitous circumstances under which the new band was formed.

Only four months later, Flintlock Gypsy is working hard to develop their musical identity and establish themselves in the Denton music scene. A major part of this effort is the release of their first album, a project which—with any luck—will make Flintlock Gypsy a familiar name amongst Denton residents.

The album itself can be described as an exploratory walk through several different genres. For the sake of convenience, Flintlock Gypsy self-labels as a fusion of "Modern-Day Outlaw Country" and "Dirty Texas Rock." Even within the framework of these genres, though, the band's wide range of musical influences can be heard. Songs are often constructed upon basslines borrowed from classic country and folk. In traditional alt-rock fashion, drum work is prominent yet restrained, with occaisional flourishes adding a layer of texture to any given track. The album even features conventional bluegrass instrumentation such as upbeat banjo cameos and "Devil-Went-Down-To-Georgia"-style fiddle work. When grouped together, the tracks of the album act as a showcase of Flintlock Gypsy's technical prowess and flexibility as artists.

Though some may not appreciate the musical diversity of the album, there's no doubt that Flintlock Gypsy lives up to their name: listeners are always left wondering what musical avenues the vagabonds will explore next.

Flintlock Gypsy's first-ever album release party will take place at 9 PM on October 7th at Killer's Tacos. The event will feature a live performance from the band, as well as giveaways and specials on drinks provided by Audacity Brew House.

Header image design by Jason Lee