Fishboy Releases Music Video for "Art Guard"

Fishboy has never failed at being fun, and his newest music video for "Art Guard" continues the tradition of playful video crafting with Eric Michener expressing his eternally playful attitude. It's been said before, but Michener is Denton's version of Buster Keaton. Under the direction of Jun Kang (Wingspan Creative), time is scoffed at as Kang uses slow motion shots without letting the visual feel like it's dragging.

A touch of meta is added as Jeff Turner plays the safety vest-clad guard protecting Michener's painting of the art guard created in Fishboy's album Art Guards. What Michener ultimately decides to do with the painting is an extension of the struggling artist experience told throughout the album. Does an artist guard their past creations, or does an artist want to hide their work from the public due to harsh self-criticism? And who guards the art guard?

Check out the video below, and it's worth your while to check out Art Guards on Fishboy's Bandcamp. Lauren Records recently did a second printing of the album with a blue disc, and some of the nearly 400 art guard mini-paintings are still available for purchase.

Fishboy - "Art Guard"
Directed by Jun Kang
Starring Eric Michener and Jeff Turner

Header image courtesy of Fishboy and Wingspan Creative
Header image layout designed by Mateo Granados