EXCLUSIVE: All This Time, Nothing to Spend It On by Elijah Heaps

He said it’s been a strange project to be a part of, a collaboration with a producer he’s never met. The long anticipated new project from Elijah Heaps, All This Time, Nothing To Spend It On, dropped today. And it’s damn good.

Because it wasn’t his own production, he was directed away from his familiar sounds into opening his mind and broadening his horizons by taking a new spin on his own music. Heaps new project was produced by underground power-producer Nedarb Nagrom, lives in California. 

Heaps’ musical journey has helped him make some interesting connections, including that of Nagrom, who produced 28-year-old Milwaukee-based Zed Kenzo’s first EP, Violently Ill. Nagrom has helped produce numerous works in the underground scene throughout the U.S. over the last four years. He also connected with Lil Peep, a young rapper from Long Island based out of California, and Ghostemane, from Lake Worth, Florida.

As the process of this project comes to an end for Heaps, he gifts us something completely new to our ears. He describes his experience throughout the creation of his project as a beautiful, yet tiring one. The music he’s produced from this project has really made him think about himself and what he’s brought to this world from his unique sounds. 

“I think there’s a lot of meaning in figuring out what you love and what you do,
 Heaps said, “and what your gift is and making sure that all three of those things are one; that you love what you do, that your gift is what you do and that you love your gift.”

And he definitely loves what he does and wants others to be inspired by their gift and talents, too. 

Heaps strives to inspire others to follow their own unique life path and to find their gifts to help humanity. Giving back what the Universe gave to them to express themselves is the top priority for this young musician. 

Last month during Arts & Jazz Fest weekend, Heaps and his brother Nikolai Rya played a show at Jagoe House. Dressed head to toe in black, Heaps wore a Fortune and Misery shirt, a stud earring in one ear and a hoop in the other, and two chokers around his neck. He is a very distinct character with his own style, just like any Dentonite. 

The pair are from Irvine, California and have only been in Denton for the last 4 years. “Home is really where your heart is,” Heaps said. “There is so much beautiful here in so many different walks of life, and if you ever find a place like that you really need to maximize your time there.” 

He says music has been really a part of him his whole life. “I realized when school was over and the lights turned down, the thing that I still loved to do was music.”

All This Time, Nothing To Spend It On touches the deep dark corners of your soul, the ones that force you to be aware of yourself and the energies around you. Heaps vibrantly expresses the emotions that come to the surface when you absorb the sounds of this new project. He enjoys this process of the production because he gets to share his emotions with everyone and in return seeing how each person relates differently to the music. As this chapter comes to a close for Heaps, it’s really just beginning for us.


Header photo by Chexican
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