Elk River Sessions Will Head Back to the Ozarks

Elk River Sessions Round 2 is happening this weekend. A roadtrip to the Ozarks lead by Aaron “Catfish” Antilla and Chuck Crosswhite with a whole lot of Denton musicians and producers in tow will create a rare kind of album whose proceeds will benefit Tarci Batson’s medical bills for MS as well as the Denton Music and Arts Collective. The musicians and producers have been organized into 3 groups, and will have the weekend to create 3-4 songs to contribute to the album. The groups are as follows:


Producer: Eric Nichelson
Drums: Tex Bosely
Bass: Mike Luzecky
Guitar: Andrew Austin
Banjo/Guitar/Vocals: Jordan Batson
Fiddle: Leoncarlo Canlas
Guitar/Vocals: Miranda Kennedy


Producer: Scott Danbom
Drums: Eric Park
Bass: Wally Campell
Guitar/Vocals : Ariel Hartley
Guitar/Vocals: Scott Porter
Guitar/Vocals: Daniel Markham
Guitar/Vocals: Hunter Canon


Producer: Ryan Williams
Drums/Vocals: Hagen Hauschild
Bass: Androo O’Hearn
Guitar/Vocals: Kiel Grove
Pedal Steel: Burton Lee
Keys/Vocals: Poppy Xander
Guitar/Vocals: Andrew Rothlisberger
Vocals: Hale Baskin

This year's picks were selected from a list of more than 200 Denton Musicians with some Dallas and Fort Worth talent mixed in as well. Antilla, White, Bryan Denny, Michael Briggs, and McKenzie Smith went through the index and made wishlists that were then voted on by the group.

No documentary film will result from this year's recording session. Additional changes in housing will contribute to a lower production cost in hopes of allowing more funds to be attributed to the two selected causes.

In addition to a weekend full of bonding and shenanigans, Antilla shared his excitement with The Dentonite about the 2018 trip.

“Couple things, I can not wait to do it again, I can not believe it’s happening again. It was such a cool experience last year, and the album really worked," Anttilla said. 

Crosswhite, who helped in the planning for last year but was unable attend, is also looking forward to packing up and heading North.

“[I] am the most excited about being able to go. We moved the date last year because we could get more people involved, but this change coincided with a family vacation that had already been planned. [I am] excited to watch every unravel for the first time," Crosswhite said.

Last year’s sound was a whole lot of americana rock with some folk in the mix, but there could be some differences in sound this year. “I think we’re going to get something pretty different and crazy with the band Mushroom. Something more interesting and strange with how the pairings worked out," Crosswhite said. 

Scott Porter will be contributing his guitar and vocal skills to Mushroom, Porter has been around Elk River Sessions since its inception and contributes to the highly anticipated Rock Lottery each year.

“You don’t get the opportunity very often, like the one we get to have this weekend. As a fan of last year, I know good music is going to come out of this one too,” said Porter. “Everyone shares the sentiment and enthusiasm, and I’m excited to break bread with them.”

Elk River Sessions celebrates the talent of Denton while also contributing to amazing causes, and its second year will be no different. “It’s making a positive situation with music, and that music is creating a positive opportunity in the community,” said Porter.  

When you can’t reach some of your musically talented friends this weekend, they may have taken off to the mountains where cell service is non-existent but the whiskey is abundant.

The first live performance for Elk River Sessions Vol 2 will be September 23 at Dan’s Silverleaf.

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