20 Denton Musicians Are Heading to the Ozarks to Record an Album & Documentary

Denton, we've got a new band to introduce to you. The Ultimate Denton Super Group (pending trademark) is in the midst of forming. A group of 20 musicians from Denton will join forces in the Ozarks for three days this Summer to write and record an album and film a documentary. They are calling this project the Elk River Sessions; a band name will be determined at a later date.

The brainchild of Aaron Anttila (better known as Catfish), this idea has been a long time coming. "We always go [to the cabin] with groups and most of us play music," Anttila said, "so why not write music while we are there?"

Sponsored by Armadillo Ale Works, Western Sons Vodka, Witherspoon Distillery, Oak Street DraftHouse, East Side Denton, Dan’s Silverleaf, Pan Ector, Little Guys Movers, and Sysco, these musicians will be put up in a cabin located on the Elk River, hence the name Elk River Sessions. The cabin, owned by the Anttila family, sits on the Southwest corner of Missouri.

"I thought it would be cool to take some really talented people from Denton and do this," Anttila said. "I’ve been plotting this for about two and a half years." Anttila worked with Chuck Crosswhite, the organizer of Denton's Rock Lottery.

In addition to the 20 musicians, there will be a production crew of eight who will be filming this experience as a documentary that will debut at Thin Line in 2018. Later this summer they will spend three days writing and recording a new album. Crosswhite and Anttila will be producing the documentary. Denton Film Co. be filming. 

Denton is fortunate to have a thriving music scene that is full to the brim with talented musicians and creative individuals. Denton is full of selfless individuals, and it’s pretty amazing how many of those make up our music community. The hard work isn’t going unnoticed either, with small and large businesses doing what they can to support the lofty goals the community strives for.

"Making music in a beautiful place with great friends - what's not to be excited about?" Isaac Hoskins, one of the 20 musicians, said. "Oh, and fishing. I'll be doing a lot of fishing."

It will not be an easy feat taking 20 artists to a cabin in the Ozarks to write and record a full-length album in three days, but of course there is a genuine and heartfelt mission behind the project — and if there's one thing Denton's great at, it's rallying behind a cause with good thoughtful intentions.

“The main goal is to raise money for charity in Denton," Anttila said. "This year it’s going to Traci Batson who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Our goal is to help pay for medical bills and medicine.”

Once complete, the album will only be available as a digital copy or on vinyl. Both the album and the documentary are set to release in Spring 2018.

Below is the list of musicians traveling to Missouri to record the Elk River Sessions.

Aaron Anttila
Jordan Batson
Bailey Chapman
Cory Coleman
Andy Cox
Scott Danbom
Kenneth Delgado
Eric Eisenmann
Sharla Franklin
Kitty Holt
Isaac Hoskins
Stefanie Lazcano
Aaron McClellan
Joey McClellan
Claire Morales
Eric Nickelson
Scott Porter
Peter Salisbury
McKenzie Smith
Jesse Thompson
Ryan Williams


Image courtesy of Catfish
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