Music We Love: Digo to Release "Better In My Head" Mixtape

Digo’s mixtape, Better In My Head, can be described as an assortment of skillful rappers working together. Each track is carefully created with a variety of rhythms that keep the listener guessing what will come next. Better In My Head takes a page from old-school rap with its arrangements in bars and beats, all while bringing a fresh sound to the table.

The first track, “Blind Tiger,” starts with a 1920s sound one could easily envision within the walls of a speakeasy. As a phonograph pitch begins to play, Digo enters the song and raps over trumpets and jazz hall music. The vibe quickly changes in other tracks like “Gin and Tonic,” featuring Jeffro and Brother B. Jeffro begins “Gin and Tonic” with a voice comparable to MF Doom's. The bellowed voice lies on a simple four-bar rhyme, while Digo and Brother B bring in the chorus that says, “Drinking gin and tonic / Smoking blueberry chronic.”

The track “Do It By Yourself” pays tribute to the rap battle mentality. Digo’s lyrics function as a diss to wannabe rappers who moonlight as wanna-be thugs. He perfectly describes these wannabes’ lack of effort in both endeavors with one line in the song: “How you gonna drop science when your ass is illiterate?” Other songs on the album such as “Black Out Shades” and “You Know What’s Up!” are notable for the experimental music placed behind the perfected rhymes of rappers Dat Boi Chase, Nox, TLiT, and Matt G. Each song samples a variety of sounds, from a skewed fiddle to notes from a keyboard.

What really sets this rap album apart from the rest is Digo’s flow. He manages to carry the melodies of each song like Mickey Avalon, but creates motive like Kendrick Lamar. Digo’s sound is stretched between syllables most of the time, but works to make the music and lyrics cohesive. While Digo’s beats are still very green, we can foresee masterful work in the future.

Check out Digo’s Better In My Head which releases today, November 21st, on all major digital outlets like Apple Music and Spotify. The mixtape's release party is November 23rd in Dallas at Crown and Harp with Ghetto[box] and XES.