No House Divided - Best House Show Venue

Denton is coming off the high energy of Band Together Denton's first house show fest, which showcased 60 local musicians and 10 house show venues over the course of two days. It was a great opportunity for many to experience their first house show, and see the hard work and effort that goes into its execution. Check out those houses nominated for Best House Show Venue for the 1st ever DAM Awards below.

Gatsby’s Mansion - Gatsby’s living room and garage space has played host to local and touring acts, works to support musicians by raising donations from show goers and providing space to sell merch, and even raise funds for local non-profits. The house continues to be a thriving venue, run with professionalism, always aware and respectful of their surroundings, and consistently doing what they can to keep the DIY music scene alive with a Do It Together Attitude that Denton can be proud of.

Jagoe House - It’s Jagoe y'all. The huge backyard allows for an extended capacity and their involvement in the music scene is always apparent through their consistent shows and Jagoe Fest. Doing what they can to support the local music scene, these well-seasoned house show vets know how to throw an event. Showing up to Jago, means you’re in good hands, plenty of space to host a crowd, a firepit (sorry, not sorry, it’s important this time of year) to keep you toasty, and an openness to support the community in any way they can.

Load In - Load In is known for being a haven to all genres with a laid back schedule of shows hosted in their cozy living room space, where noise complaints aren’t a concern. Located in North Denton, they are also a go to for the experimental/noise/DIY scene and continue to be a thriving venue. They push for donations at the door to help compensate the bands and do what they can to bring the noise in the best way by supporting the local music scene.

E Third - A stacked apartment building with an outdoor space that is willing to put themselves on the line for the sake of music and comedy. Whether you’re going to shake it, find something to bang your head too, or get a good laugh, E Third caters to all taste and the inhabitants are well integrated into the music, art, and culture of the Denton community supporting and partaking whenever they can.

Dane Manor - Christmas lights line the ceiling creating the perfect ambiance for the intimate living room space, and the spacious backyard is the perfect place to relocate and chill out between sets. The house runs like clockwork, movings band along their thoughtful lineups and creating a safe space for all ages to enjoy in local and touring bands. They also push for donations at the door for the bands and make sure everyone has a good time. You can count on a decent sound system, great hospitality, and a fair amount of parking.