Call to Action: Denton Home & Practice Space Lost in Fire

A call to action is necessary for fellow Dentonites in need.

On Monday local musicians Dallas Shaheen, Michael Gerrard, and Jared Starcher lost their house and everything in it to a fire. This is a remarkable loss due to the fact that their home was also used as a practice space for some of the most beloved bands in Denton. The fire started in the garage that was partially converted into a jam room by former tenants. If you’ve ever walked into a venue playing loud, exceptional music then you’ve probably heard the bands that lost their equipment in the fire. Mean & Ugly, Honest Cops, She Banshee, and Mink Coats are just a few of the bands that had left their instruments in the house’s practice room before the incident.

The housemates received a call from the Denton fire department that their home was ablaze and the cause (as of now) is undetermined. The tenants of the home believe an old electrical box in the converted garage caused the fire. The concern wasn’t just that these three men lost their house, but also that they and their bandmates lost the tools needed for playing their music.  Due to the massive amount of heat and smoke damage, most if not all music equipment was lost in the fire.  Equipment and instruments that were damaged include a PA head with 3 speaker cabs, microphones, stands, headphones, a recording console, cables, a keyboard, a bass, amps, guitars, pedals, cases, and a drum set.

A musician’s instrument and equipment act as a counterpart to their self-expression.  These artists have been stripped of their way to communicate to their audiences through music. We in Denton have a strong connection to our music and we hold our musicians close to our hearts.  Please help out a few of Denton’s own by visiting the pages below:

Help Dallas Get Back On HIs Feet (A donation page benefitting Dallas Shaheen and his losses)
Practice Space Fire Recovery Fund (A donation page benefitting the loss of equipment and possessions belonging to members of Mink Coats, She Banshee, and other musicians whose possessions were lost)
Midway Craft House's Magical Mystery Showcase (Live music showcase to raise money for the home's tenants)

Photo by Michael Gerrard
Header image design by Shaina Sheaff