DAM AWARDS 2018: Best Solo Act

Some of us just have our instrument of choice, and a desire to share some personal, killer tracks with Denton. The nominees for Best Solo Artist, whether they perform alone or with a band, take over the stages of our city with captivating performances and full-fledged concepts.


Leoncarlo Canlas truly brings a different sound with each performance, in the best way possible. Canlas is a classically trained violinist with an impressive education and contributions, but his constant flirtation with ambience and tonal perception makes his music breathtaking. Without even seeing a song’s title, a listener can call to mind imagery of landscapes and nature as an organism — an expansive look at the world as the greatest creative influence.

Lorelei K

It’s no secret that Lorelei K is one of the most talked about local pop musicians in recent past. The Be the Doll album is a dark sojourn driven by emotive vocals with catchy piano and synth, a combination so natural in this introspection. Holy Holding and Be The Doll both feel like a poet-on-the-side’s showcase of their work, tangibly brave and beautiful to witness. Lorelei K is on a nonstop, must-see creative trajectory.

Claire Morales

Last year, Claire Morales was an official SXSW artist, released a five-song EP, toured with Jen Pyle for their project Saudade Sisters, toured with longtime collaborator Daniel Markham, and was the official artist for the Elk River Sessions. She hasn’t lost that traction come 2018, as she plans to release her second full-length album this spring. With a penchant for anything from classic soft rock to “sad girl” folk, Morales brings a unique artistry to each of her projects.

Megan Storie

Megan Storie’s sound is catchy indie rock with country-tinged vocals. Her current band is a reincarnation of her former project Exit Glaciers with the addition of Scott Danbom on keys. Storie regularly finds inspiration in scenes, and she is a creator looking to expand her sound with different collaborations with other local talent. Storie’s folksy voice fits well into most Denton shows, and she regularly appears on bills across town.

The Bret Crow Show

Bret Crow is both a comedian and a musician, but keeps the two (mostly) separate. However, in his solo act, the two are interwoven seamlessly. When you see Crow pulling out his green stringed-bass and loop pedal at a local venue, you can be sure you’re about to see a show that feels like an entire improv set and an entire parody musical act. Whether it’s about secretly being a superhero, the boogeyman, or a weekend morning watching cartoons, Crow brings both well-formed musicianship and a refreshing comedy to every set.

Header image courtesy of Megan Storie
Header image design courtesy of Holden Foster