DAM AWARDS 2018: Best Classical Musician

Alexander Gillen

Through interpretation and energy, Alexander Gillen has presented inviting performances of
works by composers such as Federico Moreno, Michael Dadap, and Federico Garcia Lorca.
Gillen maintains consistency while playing through the guitar, expressing passion and deep understanding of each peice. Technical passages in the various works are effortless for Gillen, creating a smooth sound for the listener.

Michael Kokkinakis

Classical guitarist and composer Michael Kokkinakis specializes in latin classical music; he has performed works by Isaac Albeniz, Jose Luis Gil, and Leo Brouwer, to name a few, along with other works which Kokkinakis composed himself. Michael's control transcends the music on the page and proves absolute control of phrasing and technique.

Jennifer Lane

Jennifer Lane is a Grammy-nominated, acclaimed mezzo-soprano who joined the UNT music faculty in 2007. From 1996-2005, she was a member of the faculty at Stanford University; her recordings and experience is innumerable, but can be viewed on her website. David Stearns of the Philadelphia Inquirer said this of her voice: "Few singers project such an ideal union of clean vocal line and discreet vibrato as contralto Jennifer Lane." Lane is also nominated for Best Activist and is active around town encouraging voter registration.

John Scott

Dr. John Scott is a professional clarinetist who dabbles in both classical music and jazz. Scott has been a member of the University of North Texas faculty since 1981, previously holding the chair of Associate Dean of Admissions - he is currently a professor of clarinet finishing his last semester before his retirement. Throughout his career he has played with several orchestras and performed all over the world; with character and passion put into every performance, Scott makes clarinet playing seem easy and inviting to listeners. Scott earned both his master's and his doctorate from Indiana University.

Tim Courtney

Tim Courtney is a classically-trained guitarist, educated at UNT, who has remained a low profile since graduation. He has infrequently played shows at Midway Crafthouse, detracting from the typical lineup of DIY bands. Those who have seen him play have found his performances memorable and striking.

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