Music We Love: "Love With You" by Cheridan

One of three females represented by Gitmo Music, Cheridan Kirkpatrick can definitely hold her own in and out of town. Purple-haired Cheridan—who performs under her first name only like a true great—released her last album, “Hawaii by Night,” in June of last year, taking the stage at Club Dada with other Denton hip hop artists, including AV the Great, Fab Deuce and DJ Spinn Mo. 

It was shortly after that release that Cheridan went through a relatively public break-up. The aftermath and her anxiety about her future heavily affected her career. In swooped best friend and Fort Worth-based rapper 88killa, who introduced Cheridan to producer Ish D. She was then able to turn this sudden change in her life into “Love With You,” a track that explores “loving someone so shamelessly that nothing else matters when you're with them, even though you know they might just be bad for you” and the high you always feel with that partner. 

The lyrics are paradoxical and deep; you can hear a nonchalance to the relationship, where she tells him he’ll never have to pay and she just wants to be with him, although this is all to keep the relationship intact against any and all odds. Cheridan has a powerful voice that has a female, R&B silkiness to it. It has the clarity and stopping power of a Demi Lovato, but with a depth and intensity unique to her voice. 

Cheridan has been expanding her catalogue with Ish D, and says that everything about her brand—sound, look, recording space, and writing included—are getting upgrades. She also said that fans should expect visuals and a video soon. With “Love With You” as an indicator, we can't wait to hear how Cheridan continues to grow through the story of her music.


Header image design by Brittany Keeton