Changing of the Guard at Jagoe

Richard Haskins had an important announcement to make during the Unmarked Graves’ set at Jagoe House last Friday, but he forgot. The news was later announced online that Jagoe Fest 3 is happening, and it’ll be the last show run by Hagen Hauschild, Adam Selby, and Anby Marín. Shows at Jagoe will continue, but it’ll be in new hands.

“I’m busy doing a lot of other stuff so it’s just become something that I’ve not lost interest in,” said Hagen Hauschild. “I’ve just been doing it for a long time. I’m ready to call quits on it.”

Hagen Hauschild
Photo by Mallory Frenza

Hauschild was primarily in charge of booking while Selby  led social media and marketing for the venue's shows. Marín has been their dedicated sound guy while working 40-50 hours a week. Marín quipped that he sometimes takes a nap under the booth while letting someone else make sure the bands sound great.

The trio aren’t abandoning Denton music. They’ll remain involved in planning shows in other areas.. Hauschild currently plays in five bands while regularly setting up shows at The Bearded Monk in a series called the Hagen Experience. Jagoe House will remain in good hands as Ryan Gordon of MNKR will take over event coordination.

Jagoe was borne as a venue when Selby and his roommates wanted to throw their own house shows. Hauschild and Marin had experience doing shows at other places, and they pitched having their own band play at Selby’s house.

“I had my practice PA - everyone just wanted to borrow it. I slowly upgraded my equipment,” said Marín. “I get super anxious at parties but being able to run sound, I felt like I could be a part of the party without all the pressure of socializing and things like that.” 

Over time better sound equipment was invest in while booking was opened up to bring in a larger variety of bands both local and touring. “Most people see it as a party, and don’t come to hear the band,” said Hauschild. They’re just looking to stand in the backyard and are maybe not interested in the lineup. But we wanted to give them the experience, the option to hear what these bands have to present.”

Denton’s house show scene provides young bands a starting point for building up a fan base. Drawing crowds at bars is difficult when a band is on the cusp of being 21 or fresh out of high school. House shows even offer a reasonable expectation of making a bit of funds if there’s a donation jar and merch table set up.  

Hauschild said, “Denton has such an amazing house show scene and there are so many people who come through wanting to play in Denton.  I know that it’s happening elsewhere - that house shows happen other places - but so many people get their start doing shows like these.”

For the Jagoe show runners, the venue started as a way to have fun. There wasn’t a grand design to build a premiere performance space that would last several years. For those interested in starting their own house shows, they advise knowing local ordinances, having a first-aid kit, and being nice. Having a fresh stack of towel is vital too.

Wristbands to Jagoe Fest 3, which takes places October 19 - 21, are currently available. For updates, follow their event page. The lineup isn't completely filled, but the initial announcement includes notable acts such as The Boombachs, Pearl Earl, Criminal Birds, and more stellar bands of Denton. It’ll be the last hurrah for a group of guys who will find new ways to bolster Denton’s music scene.

“I’ll probably on stage crying at some point,” said Marín.

“I’ll probably just be tired,” said Hauschild.

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Photos by Mallory Frenza and Mateo Granados
Header image by Mateo Granados