The Boombachs' Residency at The Bearded Monk

The Boombachs are a local jazz/hip-hop fusion group formed by members Adonias “AD” Wondwessen (vocals), Marcus Wheat (trumpet/keyboards), Manzell Bledsoe (Tenor Sax/Flute), Conor Veteto (guitar), Matt Westmoreland (keyboards), Dave Farrell (bass), and former drummer Terence Hobdy, replaced by Ray Rose. The members met in 2008 during their time in college while taking a music composition course. “It started as a school project, and just took off from there,” said Veteto. The band’s influences are diverse; their sound incorporates elements from hip-hop artists like OutKast, A Tribe Called Quest, and even some 90s punk bands. “A lot of us take from different things…for me it was pop-punk. Once I got into college I was exposed to different styles,” Westmoreland explains. Lyrically, the band members have cited personal experiences and current events as pillars of inspiration for their work.

More recently, The Boombachs received a weekly residency at The Bearded Monk, a local bottle shop and taproom just off the Square. The band landed the spot after playing a show there and speaking with the owner of the bar, Ben Easley. According to Westmoreland, the members felt the bar’s laid-back atmosphere and easy-going clientele were a fine match for the group’s jazz inspired sound. “[Easley] saw the promise in what we do…and it clicked,” said Westmoreland. The Boombachs have confirmed they’re excited about the shows, and they have plans to make The Bearded Monk their regular Denton spot while they expand their reach to the rest of Texas. “We’ve been a band for over five years now. Being a local band is great. And we’ll always appreciate Denton, but it’s time to start getting out,” said Westmoreland.

According to the band members, the shows at The Bearded Monk will have a bit more to offer to audiences than regular sets: performances will be about three hours longer, more tracks will be added, and more members will be present, including the group’s bass player Dave Farrell, who more recently has been away pursuing other professional opportunities. The Boombachs also plan to use their residency shows as a platform to promote charity work for local businesses. The first show of the Bearded Monk residency will be tomorrow, Thursday, August 4th and the first Thursday of every month afterward. The performances will run from to 9 PM to 12 AM.