Body English Releases First Music Video

Body English’s music video release for “Tea Leaf Dancers” is no-frills, featuring the talented instrumentalists and vocalists behind it, and red and blue lighting that hints at an underlying motif of duality. It’s a cover of Flying Lotus, the stage name for Los Angeles-based electronic artist Steven Ellison; his version features Andreya Triana on vocals.

While Body English certainly pays homage to the soulful track, they layer their own sound throughout. Kierra Gray and Carleigh Reese both sing on the track, and bring more of a deliberate, neo-soul sound than the original, to lyrics like "If you want to stay then you can be here with me/But I can't let go of all this love, oh no, so easily.” Instrumentation comes from Joe James on drums, Brandon Broussard on bass, and Jordan Gheen on keys/synth, and these gentlemen definitely bring a sound that still keeps the integrity of Flying Lotus’s original track, while adding in a consistent jazz discipline and musicality.

Body English makes music that touches the soul and makes you dance along effortlessly, and this video is a great artistic expression of that affect. Check out the video here. You can be in the know on the band’s upcoming shows on Facebook, and be sure to keep an eye out for future releases.