Backyard on Bell Announces Two Day Fest

Denton's got a nifty music celebration happening to help make up for the missing large-scale music festivals this year. This morning Backyard on Bell announced a two-day Block Party that will take place November 17-18 (the same weekend as Oaktopia). The event will bring together regional talent from Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth.

Event Coordinator Zach Walker says that it wasn't set up as a response to the news that Oaktopia will take place in Deep Ellum this year.

"This event kind of just dropped in my lap," Walker said. A show that was originally planned to have 3 bands ballooned to a larger lineup, and Zach figured it was a great opportunity to throw something bigger than a regular show.

Walker said, "I feel like big events pull people together in this town. With all of these venue closings and fests moving, this town could use a win. It's not the biggest fest but it has a heart."

Austin bands Hikes and Sailor Poon will headline the lineup filled with Denton natives such as Dome Dwellers, Orcanaut, Felt & Fur, and Fun Button. A $15 two-day pass will enable attendees to see over 20 acts. It'll cost $10 for anyone who wishes to only attend for one day.

The Backyard on Bell Block Party is a reminder that Denton still has talented local bands that can put together a hell of a party.

"Denton seems to produce amazing new bands in its sleep," Walker said. "I think we are taking a mental beating with all this Denton is dieing stuff we seem to be reminded of every month. But nobody is stopping or slowing down."

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Flyer courtesy of Backyard on Bell
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