AV the Great's Video for "Stay" Leaves us Wanting More

 Photo: Ed Steele

Photo: Ed Steele

AV the Great’s newest music video for his hit “Stay” debuted last week, and we can’t get enough of it.

“Peace to the DF-Dub scene. I’m in a position that the city has never seen.” The opening line to AV the Great’s “Stay” sums up where the rapper is at in his career.

“Best Underground Southern Rapper” Award Winner. Timbaland Collaborator. Two-time 35 Denton Main Stage artist. Oaktopia Main Stage artist. Thin Line Festival Music Director. The undisputed Man N Da City. The accomplishments seem endless; he is arguably the most popular rapper in the Metroplex, and as big as one could be locally.

Now it’s time to see if AV can take the next step and become the first rapper from Denton to drop the “local” qualifier. This journey is exactly what the video and song explore.

If you’re involved in the Denton hip-hop scene in any capacity, the video for “Stay” will have a familiar feel. Scenes of live shows and favorite hangout spots are interspersed with AV rapping in front of solid-colored backgrounds. The contrasts are impactful, and serve as a metaphor for life lived to the limits. Good vs Evil, Work vs Play, Spend vs Save. Life is full of contrasting decisions, and the video captures this feeling fluently.

In the second verse, AV describes a tough decision he made. He talks of selling and doing drugs, and ultimately reaching rock-bottom. A moment of clarity arose when he was strung out on ecstasy, and his daughter was looking up at him: “Had to quit partyin’ to make history.” It’s clear that AV has made his decision.

As a Denton hip-hop head ever since someone handed me a Fab Deuce tape in the halls of RHS back in ‘06, my life is so entwined with Denton hip-hop that, in a way, it’s a part of me. When I hear rappers from Denton spit, I’m not just hearing some guy rap. I hear my city, I hear a piece of myself.

Check out AV the Great at 35 Denton this weekend at 35 Denton on Saturday over at the Main Stage 2 - he goes on at 7:30 pm. You won’t want to miss this show!