Mallory Frenza, Former Music Editor (2018)

Mallory Frenza is attending the University of North Texas to earn a B.A. in music history, along with a minor in French. Mallory left her home of "HOUSTON MF TEXAS HO" to Denton, a town she adores deeply for all its quirks. When not pretending to understand jazz, she enjoys practicing her many instruments, photography, and contemplating her life through doodles. You can find her most days guzzling caffeine at Aura Coffee as a means to keep her life on track. By night, she makes her way through a variety of shows, creating valuable and adored connections throughout Denton’s eclectic music scene. Mallory is interested in jazz history research, as well as analytical music journalism - she plans to attend grad school for musicology and further her slapdash career as a professional music fanatic. She hopes to provide a well-rounded view of the immense musical landscape of Denton, and to inform readers of musicians both old and new.

Besides wearing polka dots and recreating glamorous Hollywood looks, she enjoys making every single person in Denton, one by one, hate her and her best friend Tori whilst they obnoxiously make Vine references.  Mallory’s five-year plan focuses around a singular idea to run a female pet mouse utopia where her and her tiny queens can eventually takeover the Dentonite, and eventually the world.