Linda Smith, Writer

Linda graduated with a B.A. in History in May 2015 from the University of Dallas in Irving. She has since spent her time telling everybody she didn’t graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, that she doesn’t want to teach history, and that she minored in Journalism, her real passion in life. 

Linda only came to Denton to get out of her crappy Irving apartment, and continues to discover a wealth of creative opportunity to witness and participate in. She has been able to meet a lot of creatives making it happen in Denton and beyond, and second only to being named after her two grandmothers, it’s the highest honor in her life to be entrusted with their stories. 

Linda has written with the Dentonite since November 2016—including a three-month stint as music editor—and began copy editing in February 2018. She also works as a contract editor for a company that crafts cold email templates, and as a barista at Seven Mile Cafe, making her instantly three times cooler. She freelances in her little bit of spare time. Linda has written for several Dallas-area publications, and has interned at Southwest: The Magazine, D Magazine, and the Crow Collection of Asian Art. 

She lives with her sister Sara, the coolest person she knows, and Jasmine, their rescue all-white domestic shorthair who is mean, playful, and somehow still pretty cute.