Kristen Watson, Managing Editor

Kristen moved to Denton in 2013 to attend the University of North Texas. She completed her photojournalism degree in the summer of 2016 while holding internships at the Denton Chamber of Commerce and the Denton Record-Chronicle as well as serving as visuals editor for the North Texas Daily. She quickly realized she had found her tribe with the people of Denton.

She is currently a founder of the Illegal Hope Project, a collaborative multimedia journalism project telling stories of the vast amount of people affected by the decline of medical marijuana prohibition. She is also a member of the 2016 Heart of Mexico team that traveled to Hoctún, Mexico to immerse themselves in a small Mayan village to tell their stories of migrating for work. 

Also: her aussie Ollie is bae, Netflix 5ever, she has a Harry Potter tattoo and it is her life dream is to continue traveling the world making photographs.

No matter her coordinates, she will remain a Dentonite forever and always.